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live small group zoom training and support

  •   Have you been trading the markets for a little while but feel as though you’re not progressing?
  •   Do you keep finding yourself making the same mistakes but unsure why?
  •   Are you new to trading the markets, keen to get going but  don’t know where to start?
  •   Does risk confuse you?
  •   Have you got the fundamentals under control but want to add depth to your portfolio?

Trading can be demanding and all encompassing, requiring us to be experts and specialists in many areas. Our small group zoom sessions allow you to share problems and be supported on your path as a trader.

Taking control of our financial future is one of the most empowering steps we can take. Yes, we need to understand risk management, have a robust trading strategy and grasp the nuances of the markets, but we also need to embrace creative thinking whilst maintaining the patience and stillness of a Buddhist monk.

Trader Aid risk training caters to all levels of trader and investor, from the total beginner to the market veteran. Our training is tailored to meet your needs and helps ensure you have the crucial skills and strategies to survive and thrive.

It will help with:

  •  Managing risk effectively and how to trade with as little as $10
  •  Building effective trading entry and exit strategies
  •  Having realistic expectations
  •  How to build and manage a diversified portfolio of markets
  •  Understanding the strategic thinking skills necessary
  •  Being aware of your decision making
  •  Growing in confidence as your own fund manager


Training is delivered in person, via Zoom, worldwide


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