Micro Trading

Learn how to be a skilled responsible trader without risking the world

The workshop is a practical hands on, real time, participatory online trading workshop that provides you with the practical skills to start trading responsibly without risking precious capital. Over the course of three 90 minute evenly paced sessions you have the time to practice learnt strategies and practice trading newly learn strategies as we move through the core foundations.

Trading is a game of mathematical precision that requires three solid frameworks in place for long term success. It doesn’t have to be complex but without the right risk management practices, right strategies and right thinking patterns in place you are most likely just gambling your capital away and living in hope.  Most people do not understand the high level of skill and thinking required to build a trading business.

The workshops teach you how to manage your own trading investment starting with as little as $10 in your account. We teach you how to build your account using clever conservative trading strategies rather than taking aboard risk with gambling approaches. I hate to see any new trader losing precious initial capital.

Our live workshops are hosted on “Zoom” software and offer intimate learning opportunities within a small group enabling you practice strategies on your own accounts with questions and insights as we go. We are going to share stuff that will keep you in the game and generate consistent returns without risking precious capital.

The workshop breaks down the many myths and misconceptions of trading to provide you with a realistic expectation on what to expect on your trading journey and how to get there in one piece – sensibly.  We teach you how to be a risk manager rather than a gambler.

We  share some of our own successful trading strategies and teach you how to develop your own systems from an understanding of market mechanics, not just working with a random assortment of indicators thrown together in the hope that something works.

And most importantly we teach you how to be a great risk manager enabling you to survive the downturns which are always waiting around the corner and be in the game for the long term.  Trading is not a game based on luck but a refined skill of risk management.

Begin this amazing life journey with the right solid foundations and you will enjoy an engaging, stimulating and highly profitable alternate income source.

On our workshops you will learn and practice the basics, with tips for more advanced trading.  You will feel more adept at facing challenging times that will come to allow you be there for and to celebrate the good times. Join me and learn how to be a Micro Trader.

The Workshop

The workshop is split up into three 90 minute sessions that enable you to practice strategies between sessions. You will practice strategies between each session and compare results the next session.

Session 1 – Patterns of thinking required to thrive in the markets,  introduction into Markets Mechanics (how markets move) which lay the foundations for strategy development and Market selection (which markets should be avoided). Each participant will set up a practice trading account and will practice execution and simple strategies to enable a comparison of results for next session. During the session we will discuss how to set up a balanced trading portfolio that will minimise overall account risk.

Session 2 – Market Mechanics continued, Strategy & Systems development, Risk Management- how to manage risk at an individual trade level and portfolio level. Practice strategies over the week and compare results at next session.

Session 3 – How to build a diversified portfolio. Putting all the aspect together over the last three weeks. Time for questions and overall discussions etc

Why this workshop is crucial for consistent long term returns

On this transformative course will:

  •  Lay the core frameworks for building a life-long trading business.
  •  You will practice managing real time trades and operating different trading and risk management strategies
  •  Teach you to think from multiple perspectives and avoid the mistakes driven by the “obvious” since trading is shockingly counterintuitive.
  •  Practice new strategies and our risk management techniques on your own live real time testing platform.
  •  Learn how to incorporate a state of mindfulness and relaxation into your trading experience.
  •  Save years of wasted time, money and emotional frustration. The course will provide a clear logical path for your own continued learning and research with solid frameworks and foundation to follow.
  •  Teach you how to trade and build short term trading strategies for exceptional returns with minimal risk.
  •  Learn how to begin the research required for creating robust trading strategies that suit your own personal needs and aims.
  •  Learn effective Risk Management/money management strategies designed protect initial capital
  • Build practical and solid trading foundations that set a clear pathway to direct your future learning pathway.
  • Practice and learn the art of mindfulness which enables us to trade free of our own filters and see the markets as they are not how you think they are.

Who should participate

Individuals who want to:

  •  Take control of their lives and build financial resilience
  •  Break free of the mediocre performances and high fees of the large financial  institutions
  •  Generate an alternate income stream
  •  Learn how to build-life-long trading business
  •  Learn how to think in lateral multiple ways
  •  Traders who are currently not achieving expected results
  •  Anyone looking for a deeply engaging and intellectually stimulating occupation

What’s unique about this course

  •  Micro trader is one of the only live trading workshops that teaches the  combined skills of design thinking, risk management and   strategy design in live real-time trading scenarios.
  •  We take advantage of the latest trading platform innovation that  enables you to trade with and manage a balanced portfolio with  just small change.
  •  We teach traders how to be in flow with the markets eliminating all the stress and anxiety often associated with trading.
  •  The live workshops operate on a real-time trading platform ensuring a transformative deeply engaging and relevant learning environment that allows you to share with others and ask questions.
  • You learn to be a skilled risk manager rather than a risk taker

With our solid frameworks and skilful practice, you can actually design your returns around your lifestyle and risk appetite.

Cost: Three 90 minute sessions over three weeks – $AUD 295

The next Micro Trading Foundations Course coming soon
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