TA Course I


Learning to trade shouldn’t mean risking  capital.

Trader Aid is a practical short course for beginners and underperforming traders that provides the practical skills and knowledge for a long term responsible trading career without risking precious capital. A small investment in time now will save you a lot of money and years of getting it wrong and continuing to build on bad behaviours. Over the course of three 60 minute evenly paced sessions you will learn

  • How to correctly fund and maintain a margin trading account (CFDss, Forex, Index, EFTs or commodities) responsibly. Margin trading requires very unique skills unlike any other investment with ability to leverage responsible for getting most new traders into serious financial trouble.
  • How much you should be risking for every trade
  • How to build risk management strategies into what ever trading approach you take
  • How to use a real time practice account before you even risk a cent of your own money
  • How to start a 3 year survival plan. Our core philosophy is the belief that if you learn to survive a broad range of market conditions for 3 years you are well on the way to becoming a successful career trader.

The skills you take away from this course are the foundations from which to build a long term trading career. At the end of the course you will understand the importance of having a clear strategy in place. You will be introduced and start practicing strategies that define:

  • Why you are entering every trade
  • How much you will be risking on every trade and
  • What is your exit strategy for every single trade

This basic knowledge is fundamental to long term survival in the game.

You will finish the course with greater clarity on how to progress forward as a trader and stay in the game whilst building real time market experience and testing systems and strategies. Paradoxically, only when you can manage risk can you then take greater risks for higher returns.

The course will teach you why Trading is a game of precision that requires a broad range of personal and risk management skills for long term success. It doesn’t have to be complex but without the right risk management practices, well researched strategies and right patterns of thinking you are most likely just gambling your capital away trading in hope.  Most people do not understand the high level of skill and thinking required to build a trading business.

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