MT Course I


MT 1 is a practical, participatory online trading course for beginners and underperforming traders that provides the practical skills and knowledge to immediately start trading responsibly and profitably without risking precious capital. The course is conducted in a real-time trading environment to enable you to practice new skills and ask questions in a supportive environment. Over the course of three 90 minute evenly paced sessions you have the time to practice learnt strategies, observe your own trading behaviours (good and bad) as we move through the core foundations.

The course will teach you why Trading is a game of precision that requires three solid frameworks in place for long term success. It doesn’t have to be complex but without the right risk management practices, well researched strategies and right patterns of thinking you are most likely just gambling your capital away trading in hope.  Most people do not understand the high level of skill and thinking required to build a trading business.

MT 1 teaches you how to manage a fully diversified trading portfolio starting with just small change in your account. We teach you how to build your account using clever conservative trading strategies rather than taking aboard high-risk approaches. There is no need to lose or risk precious capital on your trading journey. We like beginners to start managing a portfolio with small change then slowly build from profits and new skill levels.

Every MT 1 course is conducted within a small group online environment enabling you practice strategies on your own practice accounts, ask questions and offer insights as we go. We are going to share stuff that will keep you in the game for the long term and generate consistent returns without risking precious capital.

The course breaks down the many myths and misconceptions of trading to provide you with a realistic expectation on what to expect on your trading journey and how to get there in one piece – sensibly.  We share some of our own successful trading strategies and teach you how to develop your own systems from an understanding of market mechanics, not just working with a random assortment of indicators thrown together in the hope that something works.

And most importantly we teach you how to be a great risk manager enabling you to survive the downturns which are always waiting around the corner and be in the game for the long term.  Trading is not a game based on luck but a refined skill of risk management.

Begin this amazing life journey with the right solid foundations and you will enjoy an engaging, stimulating and highly profitable alternate income source.

On our MT 1 course you will learn and practice the basics, with tips for more advanced trading.  You will feel more adept at facing challenging times that will come to allow you be there for and to celebrate the good times. Join me and learn how to be a Micro Trader.

The Workshop

The workshop is split up into three 90 minute sessions that enable you to practice strategies between sessions. Each participant will set up a practice trading account and execute simple strategies learnt over each session and compare and discuss any problems and performances.

Some of the themes covered in each session include:

Session 1 –Patterns of thinking required to thrive in the markets, How to choose the right markets to trade, Market Mechanics (how markets move) and how to build effective robust strategies from the understanding of basic market mechanics.

Session 2 – Strategy & Systems development, How to be a great risk manager. Practice executing some of our learnt strategies.

Session 3 – How to trade a fully diversified portfolio across dozens of markets. Putting all the aspect together over the last three weeks. Time for questions and time for group discussions.

This transformative course:

  • Lays the core frameworks for building a life-long trading business.
  • Enables you to practice managing real time trades and operate different trading and risk management strategies
  • Teaches you to think from multiple perspectives
  • Saves years of wasted time, money and emotional frustration. The course will provide a clear logical path for your own continued learning and research with solid frameworks and foundation to follow.
  • Provides the skills to trade and build short term trading strategies for exceptional returns with minimal risk.
  • Teaches you how research and create robust trading strategies that suit your own personal needs and aims.
  • Learn the essentials of risk management strategies designed protect initial capital and keep you in the game for the long term.

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