Building financial resilience with Micro Trading

We are certainly in interesting economic times right now with a major collapse of trust in our financial institutions and with real estate and equity markets in extreme cycles leaving us with the big questions of where do we invest our money.

Refined skills in trading offer a critical alternate investment to start building financial resilience and take responsibility for your own long term returns. Starting with as little the change in our pockets we now have access to markets and information equal to any large hedge fund. In fact you have the ability micro manage the risk of every trade down to the cent.  All barriers to entry have been removed so we have this tremendous opportunity to take responsibility for own investments without risking the world.

You need to understand that there are however three critical skills that need perfecting to become a good trader.  Success is ultimately a balance of right thinking, risk management and robust strategy development. In our live real time Micro Trading workshops I share stuff that will keep you in the game to be able generate consistent returns without risking precious capital. I break down all the many myths and misconceptions of trading and give you a realistic take on what to expect on your trading journey.

I am sick of seeing new traders gift their capital to the markets unnecessarily believing it to be a “rite of passage” into the whole learning experience of trading. There is absolutely no need to lose more than small change when getting going. In fact you should not be risking anything until your skill level has been proven.

We teach you how to develop robust trading strategies that are built from an understanding of market mechanics and not just trading from a random assortment of indicators thrown together in the hope that something works.  A lot of traders kid themselves in thinking they lose money due to poor luck but it is always a lack of skill in end the end that leads to eventual account wipeout. When we teach you how to be a great risk manager you will be able to survive the most dramatic downturns which are always waiting around the corner.  Trading is not a game based on luck but a refined skill. A skill of strategy balanced with the skills to see things from many perspectives at all times.

Trading is an intellectual endeavour that is not only skilled based but also requires a very different way of thinking. Any experienced trader will agree that the markets move in counter intuitive ways which mean traditional cause effect linear thinking will just not cut it when trying to build a successful trading career.  All the great traders I have spent time with have developed consciously or not great skills in systems thinking or design thinking. They understand how nothing moves or reacts in isolation but think in relationships.

There is only one way to learn these skills and that’s practicing real time with clear direction and support.  During our live online workshops you will put some of our strategies into action and experiment with new ways of thinking about the markets. You will have time to ask questions and share stuff with the other participants. Here you will have the opportunity to make many mistakes but not learning from these mistakes is the big mistake. If you ever think you have the game mastered then the next big account loss is just about to take you down. Most importantly you will only be making these mistakes on a practice account followed by small change on your personal account when you feel ready.

Our workshops give you an opportunity to implement and practice some newly learnt strategies, as we also share tips for more advanced trading. Join me and learn how to be a Micro Trader

I am Philip Jackson and I hope to meet and support you online with our live workshops.