About Micro Trader

Micro Trader teaches you the crucial skills and strategies required to effectively navigate the financial markets and become your own fund-manager… starting with as little as $10.

Taking control of your financial future is one of the most empowering steps you can take. It must be remembered, that long-term profitable trading results come from a culmination of skills and knowledge: risk management, robust trading strategies, systems-thinking and an understanding of the nuances of the markets. Whether a total beginner or market veteran, Micro Trader can support you in developing the skills needed for your trading journey.

We’re in exciting times! The fin-tech revolution has broken all barriers and made it possible for anyone, using desktop or mobile technology, to be able to trade their own portfolio. Today’s trader can now manage a tiny investment in the same way that would have required hundreds of thousands of dollars just ten years ago. And, even beginners have access to trade the same range of financial markets that any of the large fund managers and banks do.

We’ve had decades of global experience; wisdom dictates the importance of taking a careful and considered approach and we believe that every trader must first learn to be a great manager of risk, with realistic expectations. All the skills needed can now be learnt and honed with our support and a minute investment.

Our practical online, small-group courses give you the core skills needed to begin your trading career, before progressing to the refinement and development of advanced strategies and trading systems.

Course I

  •  Risk management and realistic expectations
  •  Trading strategies
  •  Systems-thinking
  •  Live trading
  •  Interactive platform
  •  Small-group size – limited numbers

Course II

  •  Advanced trading strategies
  •  Refining your trading approach
  •  Trading systems – understanding and development
  •  Portfolio management and risk diversification
  •  Multiple perspective – why, the importance and practices
  •  Live trading
  •  Interactive platform
  •  Small-group size – limited numbers

We also offer 1:1 training for those who have specific areas they ‘re keen to develop or need support with – or are unable to participate in our courses.

All courses and training are facilitated through Zoom rooms, allowing for interactivity where ever you are in the world.